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We are one of the most trusted world-class fitness brands that manufacture, distribute, and supply commercial gym & fitness equipment throughout India.

Everything you Wanted to know about YUVIN SAAI

Yuvinsai adds fuel to every fitness fanatic’s passion with the best-in-class equipment. We are experts in providing and setting up Home and Commercial Gyms across India. We offer custom solutions to help you set up your fitness facility from consulting, planning to execution. We aim to help clients to get the ultimate workout experience through our innovative fitness equipment’s. Both the gym operators and individuals can enjoy access to the world's finest range of gym equipment for cardio training, strength training, functional training, group activities, etc. Yuvinsaai products can rest assured that they are training on equipment of the very highest level, just like a professional athlete.We constantly embrace innovation in our products every time we bring you something new, or we upgrade our existing product line.

Our Products

We are a leading designer of gym equipment & fitness solutions trusted by a number of gyms, fitness centers, and home owners across the globe.

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Cardio Equipment

These are machines that help to improve cardiovascular health and fitness. It helps burn calories, lose weight, and improve overall health.

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Strength Equipment

This helps to build muscle mass and strength used to improve athletic performance of the body.

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Functional Rigs

It helps you train your body for everyday activities. This includes medicine balls, kettlebells, and sandbags. Also helps to improve your balance, coordination, and power.

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Dumbell & Kettlebells

Dumbbells and kettlebells. Both these are used to build muscle, strength, and endurance based on your fitness goals and preferences.

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Upgrade your workout space with premium gym turf. We set up artificial grass turf which is ideal for home gyms and commercial gyms as per their requirement.